Electric Blues by Clinton N


An aesthetic Hongkonger artist “Clinton N” is playing some awesome laid-back music that is soothing to your soul, he is currently based in Ireland, and released there he released most of his songs including his new song “electric blues” which was out on the 27th of May, 2022.

Clinton seems to be old-soul inventing music that is aesthetic and warm to the background of his culture which is immensely shown in the songs and music he creates.

The song “electric blues” is about how can someone be lost on a road where people have found their passion and goals, however, in time being that someone seems to feel misfitted and fell back behind without reaching any achievement in life. Clinton here sends the message clearly with his song lyrics in this piece that we’re not alone and each person has a certain time to achieve something and has a certain desire to reach a goal that will feel like the ultimate that will get you full of life again. It’s okay to go on at your own pace.

Clinton has his way to reach out to his fans with a lot of common feelings through simple words and music. The soft vocals and instrumental talent that this artist has implemented that is in him are beautifully encouraging and admired.

Music Clinton invents truly the best and most loving pop music you can listen to while overthinking things as the music will calm your mind with tranquility.


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