Embodiment by Claire Bigley

Cover Art by Marjon Besteman at Pixabay.

Embodiment is the latest composition from New Orleans-based pianist and composer Claire Bigley. Being a classically trained pianist, Bigley creates movements with the confidence of a classical musician as well as the intricacy of a modern one. Most of her pieces, this one included, feel like they were improvised rather than written. And to no surprise, Bigley herself stated that her creative process is in fact improv-based. The new piece Embodiment ebbs and flows in a way that touches your soul and awakens unspoken emotions in you. This is a power that instrumental pieces like this always have, despite what their genre may be, but this piece, in particular, has captivated me with its arrangement.

In every moment of silence in between the notes, I feel like I’m craving for the next sound or next movement, even though the whole thing is just 3 minutes it’s those silent moments and the intervals in which the melodies are placed that actually matter. Some movie scenes make you think of a certain song or music piece, and then there’s this world-class composition that Claire Bigley made to make us visualize and live through the multitude of emotions that it can transcend. It’s like a movie soundtrack that was written before the movie itself, and that’s what makes it stand out for me.



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