IN A DREAM by Mark Wink


All the way from Vienna comes to us Mark Wink with a groovy, electropop gem that’s danceable, infectious, and very catchy.

 In A Dream is a single, backed by a video, with very little in terms of lyrics, a hint of a dystopian message, and a lot of charisma. Wink acts as a composer, audio and video producer, and a general mastermind, and in this song, this mastermind takes us to a future where robots have taken over everything, a future where everything worked well, but fun was drawn out of life, as the dreams disappeared, or maybe all of this is just a dream? We’ll let you decide.

The music carries a lot of colors too. Probably inspired by Daft Punk’s heyday, their Discovery Era, the music is arpeggio driven, with a stabby synth playing a jumpy, syncopated arpeggio over a few nostalgic, but effective chords. The drums are light and crisp and play simple, supporting grooves, while the voice repeats “I’m Just Stuck in A Dream”. The video is charming, while considerably lacking in originality. A few parts are imaginative and well-made, but in general, the notions are dated, and the message has been brought up before.

 The music on the other hand simply carries too much more punch and identity. Nothing to report on the music, though. Pure Synthpop joy through and through.