EP: Dose of Oxytocin by Elion Melody

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This one really threw me back to the modern-classic ages of R&B and Soul, it’s a mashup of sounds that you once heard when you were young back in the 00’s that makes you hit a 15-year time traveling experience.

From the hearts of New York, the R&B/Soul artist Elion Melody releases his debut EP titled ‘Dose of Oxytocin’ containing five tracks loaded with love & affection vibes accompanied by the sounds of the streets of New York.

Dose of Oxytocin’ is composed of smooth jams and melodies that swing inside your ears and makes you dance along, yearning for a partner to dance with to these sweet tunes. 

The overall musical theme is directed to cast some affection and the title of the EP is accurate for the oxytocin it pumps through the flow of Elion and his romantic vibe lyrics to magnetize anyone who is listening into love and affection. The influences of the likes of T-Pain & Trey Songz are easily recognizable in the music and vocal flow of Elion, it reminded me of Trey’s early hits.

Lyrics are selected precisely to match the musical theme and the flow with the overall objectified vibe, though the lyrics sounded a bit cheesy at some parts but they did their job in making the whole picture sound Oxytocin-full.



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