Obsessed by Sydney Gordon


In an unhealthy relationship, sometimes the damage might not be caused by the partner; it might be your own self hurting you. Sydney Gordon vividly captures self-destruction emotions when putting too much out there in her latest single, “Obsessed.”

Sydney Gordon is a young, promising talent with melodic, sunny vocals based in New York. She started her musical journey at a young age, and we can see how it all paid off when hearing her music. She released her single, “Obsessed,” with her own record label, Static Impulse Records, and co-written it in collaboration with the song’s producer, Mike Cortes, and the marvelous vocals were produced by Alex Poeppel. And to give it that glammy touch, it was all mixed by Tony Maserati and mastered by Dave Kutch.

“Obsessed” is a song that portrays complex sensations of losing control and loving hard in a way that suffocates oneself, but in a lighthearted manner with its spirited rhythm and delightful performance. A groovy bass line hooks the ear right from the start, and then Sydney’s layered vocals steal one’s attention completely. She has a delicate, playful tone that delivers the shady lyrics smoothly and mashes them so well with the peppy instruments that it feels like the last color of the rainbow is joining the others to give a blast of joy.

The single entices you to hype up all along, and your heart will bounce just like the energetic drumming. It’s all well-arranged and combined to give that fiery vibe. As it’s simulating how it feels when you’re over the moon, yet sensing danger coming on its way, that soon you’ll fall off.

A euphoric feeling is waiting for you once you press the play button.



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