EP: Enlightening by Taavi Daft


Taavi Daft, the Swiss artist just released a 2 track EP called “Enlightening” and it is all about relaxing and enjoying the time flow…it’s a concise ethereal masterpiece that could easily be meditative and healing, transcending music.

Taavi has been playing music since a very early stage, he plays the guitar and the piano…however, electronic music always fascinated him…

He decided to pursue the electronic dream…and he went for it…he started as a producer for other artists, and it was going fast…actually too fast, he had a health breakdown…realizing that he needs to keep things slower…

When that breakdown changed his life…he thought of utilizing his talents in composing music to help people…help them relax, help them get together, help them find their inner peace…and that is exactly what he did on his EP “Enlightening”.

He created 2 tracks, “Surrender” and “Coalescence”…and they will be your gateway, your portal into the world of relaxation and letting go of any negative thought or emotion…

“Surrender”…as the name implies…is a simple request from Taavi…it’s asking us to surrender to the flow of the musical emotions and to let go…inviting us on a journey of self-discovery.

The amount of layers in “Surrender” is monstrous…it’s like the ocean, the more you go in, the more you’re sure it is a lot undiscovered…it’s like it never ends and keeps on sucking you in a very soft and mellow world.

After you surrender and give in completely…you go on to the next track and that is “Coalescence”…which also as the name implies…it’s where we find our true selves and fuse with it…it’s only after that first journey that we let ourselves go that we find our true self so that we can merge and become one with ourselves.

Nothing can be said to convey the healing power of Taavi’s music, especially in the EP “Enlightening”…it is one of these things that you have to experience to believe…and we highly recommend it to you and you and you…and anyone who wants to relax, let go and heal.

Taavi, thank you for this mesmerizing and healing journey.

We wish you all the best in both your professional and personal lives…we can’t really wait for the next experience you’ll give us…we’ll be waiting. Cheers!

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