EP: Love by Jonathan Lobo


Since we first heard Jonathan Lobo in June, he has sparked our interest, and he has the potential to be one of the most exciting new musicians to emerge on the scene. Lobo, a singer and songwriter living in Dubai, is able to develop a deeper relationship with his audience by writing songs about the richness of life. Popular blogs such as PopFad Blog, Roadie Music, and Sinusoidal Music have highlighted the exceptional singer/songwriter’s talents.

Jonathan Lobo has released a five-track EP named “Love” after garnering excellent acclaim for his single of the same name. “Love” was co-produced by Aman Sheriff and incorporates aural interpretations of a range of life situations, from the end of prior relationships to the start of new ones.


With “The Cost” serving as the album’s first track, Lobo exposes us to his characteristic sound, a whimsical hazy sound with delicate synth-piano. The track ‘The Cost’ has a soothing ambience due to the consistency of the music’s sonic ambience, which gives it a calm, smooth, and charming feel. It is a fascinating juxtaposition that the track’s topic is diametrically opposed to the melody, which is simple and unruffled. This song explores, as stated by Lobo, the struggle we all confront between pursuing more and losing ourselves in the process. It gives a sense of foreboding melancholy that permeates through the track. 

The second track on the EP, ‘Calm Before The Storm,’ continues in the same sombre mood as the first. This song is predominantly a guitar string ballad with a whimsical vibe throughout. In this song, Lobo explores the end of relationships in a way that inspires awe and unease in the listener. However, as demonstrated by the remaining tracks, Lobo is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a cynical figure.

Both “Start Again” and “Magic” focus on the positive parts of life and the individuals who add excitement to our existence. Neither song portrays melancholy in any way. The piano notes interspersed throughout the ‘Start Again’ tune serve as an audible reflection of Lobo’s vulnerability. It breaks down your defenses and melts your heart. You may find yourself grinning uncontrollably at the conclusion of the song due to its increasingly upbeat progression.

“Love,” the album’s final track, may be the most personal and intimate for Lobo. He reveals that the title track is dedicated to his grandfather and dog, as they both taught him valuable lessons about love. According to Lobo, this song is a tribute to unconditional love. 

In addition to his versatility, the calming tone of Jonathan Lobo’s music is one of the most noticeable features of his craft. Whether you are listening to the uplifting song “Magic” or the heartbreaking song “The Cost,” his dulcet tones will create goosebumps on your arms and chills run down your spine.


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