Quiero Tenerte Pa Mi by Joshua Martins


From Mexico with love, that is how it feels to be listening to this track ‘Quiero Tenerte Pa Mi’ by the Mexican-American solo artist Joshua Martin.

Hailing from Southern California, the Latin rock solo artist’s new track translates into ‘I Want To Have You for Me’ and it’s apparent that the track’s sentiment shows romance and compassion. 

The track begins with a Spanish guitar rhythm along with bass and sooner the drums hit in to give the track more warmth and make the track sound more pop.

Also, adding those sentimental joyful mellow keyboard melodies in the background created some kind of nostalgic and romantic bond to the listeners’ ears.

The vocals of the Mehican are discrete In sound and purified, yet it needed to have fewer echoes and more clarity in them.

Lyrics are minor in terms of distinction as at some point it felt repetitive within the track itself and also had a simplicity level that felt like a teenage experience.

The rhythmic presence of the track is joyful and the body moving while listening to the music makes you do that Spanish dance subconsciously! 

We’ll be waiting for more hit tracks by the Mexican-American Joshua Martin, en el Futuro! 


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