EP: Love Like a Fire by WIESINGER

Chelsey Callihoo

Wiesinger is a Canadian-based band made up of Justin Wiesinger as Lead singer/Acoustic guitar, Chelsey Wiesinger on Drums and Percussion, and Daniel Bellerose on Electric guitar/Keys. They released their newest album “Love like a fire” made up of 6 songs; Fault Line, Selfless, Shine a light, Love like a fire, Lobotomy, and Dummy.

Firstly, I really loved the cover art for the album; super trippy and I absolutely loved the fusion of colors. At first, listening to the album, I felt like the band reminds me of Maroon 5/ One republic; from the lyrics to the vocals and the instruments. My first favorite song was lobotomy (acoustic); the acoustic guitars really got to me. And Justin’s vocals were really harmonious along with the beautiful guitar. My second favorite song was dummy, it was beautifully heartbreaking, along with the guitar and keys. The song enjoyed least was Shine a light, it felt basic yet the mixing was well-curated.

All in all, I really liked the album. It was well made, with beautiful instrumentals and a passionate voice, I was totally sold on it. It is great to see more Canadian artist emerging and really setting a precedent in the Canadian music scene. I hope this album puts them in the spotlight, alongside their (well-earned) hundreds of thousands of Spotify streams.



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