EP: Manic Pixie Dream by sydneyunicorns


After a string of exciting singles over the past year and into this year, American singer-songwriter and producer sydneyunicorns is back to present her latest stunning EP “Manic Pixie Dream”.

“Manic Pixie Dream” is the first EP for this talented artist, who with 4 songs of 12 minutes 25 seconds creates her unique soundtrack. And it’s carving out a special place for itself in the world of alternative/experimental electronic pop music in a new and exciting way.

4 songs self-produced by Sydney Angel or sydneyunicorns and then mixed and mastered by Hope Brush and Jon Clifton, exploring the psychological and social experiences this artist has had, and perhaps us too, at some point.

“Manic Pixie Dream” is a song that manages to be a perfect opening for this EP, where sydneyunicorns use elements of bold and cheerful alternative pop music, to deliver a brilliant glow filled with different elements and a catchy sound coming from a different world from ours, in which Sydney breaks the usual pattern of this music.

“Like You” completes the EP’s musical and poetic line but is quieter and more romantic, and acoustic echoes from the Sydney universe carry some sad moments when we feel vulnerable with distorted drum sounds in the background.

“Take Me” is a progressive song that’s a bit off the EP track but so cleverly you don’t even notice, the tempo is faster and you think it’s going to pick up at some point, but Sydney surprises us by telling her story like that until the end of the song which we felt wasn’t finished and we weren’t done with it.

“Season One” is a song that carries a lot of pure sounds. The layers of singing accumulated in it with echoes reflect a dramatic church scene. It is another beautiful and final song in this artistic project from an artist that we cannot get enough of.

Sydneyunicorns express intimate feelings in a way that defies everything, painting a music scene in pure colors despite the few instruments, which makes it as if it came from another world with honest and expressive words. Listen to her.


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