Hard to Trust by Rick Smoove


Rick Smoove is a pop artist that is releasing catchy songs this year with a lot of singles, 2022 is his year to show off his skills—creating his music out of emotions that connect him to his listeners. He released a new single “Hard To Trust” which was out on the 31st of August, 2022 that has the same attention as his previous releases with the catchy rhythms.

This one is a new type of contemporary style of rap in “Hard To Trust” that makes it a drill song, the song has melodious and dark lyrics as this one is about the trust that can’t be gained easily after a hardship that a being can go through as the pain is hurtful mentally and physically.

And making a song that is so unique to Rick has got him to have some awesome beats that he is skilled at and also making banging lyrics that are ominously true and hit our hearts with past painful memories.

Rick Smoove hasn’t failed me since the last song I heard “Lost” which caught my attention and listen to his music more as he always succeeds to make a catchy single out of his talented mind.


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