EP: Maze by Alicia Daydreams


It’s uncommon to come across a 16-year-old musician with the right amount of experience and talent to come up with a track that sounds professional and subtle. I found Alicia Daydreams exceptional in every way; the London-based singer, songwriter, and producer released her latest EP, and it just sets the bar too high for indie-pop artists. The industry is really challenging for emerging artists, so they don’t always receive recognition right away, but the minute Alicia released her 3-track EP and a remix, 2 of them, “Maze” and “Genie”, have already been played over 180K times on Spotify alone. Alicia has over 11k followers on Instagram and her songs are added to several playlists on Spotify like Summer aesthetic, Philippines top 50, Sunset Mode Music – Indie Pop, and many others, which resulted in over 7K monthly listeners.

Alicia’s voice is seductive and unique in style and tonality. It lures you in and leaves you hanging in a specific mood, and surely wanting more. The beauty of the 3 songs lies within their effortlessness; she uses simple elements and motifs played by well-chosen instruments and places them in the right places at the exact right moment. The musical phrases are subtle and to the point, while keeping them rich and interesting. Her orchestration choices are smart in how she placed the simple motifs and themes while aligning the instruments together.

The artist shares her milestones and experiences with her audience through her music. She discusses love, attraction, anticipation, and much more with deep and meaningful lyrics. Each song has a different identity and a trait that defines it, like in “Maze,” where simplicity is key with subtlety. A short yet effective electric guitar solo was played in the song while keeping the vocal line upfront and all the music far in the background. “Genie” has interesting guitar chords strummed along with a swing beat and some retro 70s sound effects. The bass line of this track is short but plays consistent notes. As for “Devil’s promise,” it starts with the sound of church bells and lo-fi sound effects with a dream-like mood.

Daydream’s EP is worth checking out, and it’s a huge step forward for the rising artist who doesn’t seem like she’s slowing down any time soon.


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