EP: Pour On Me (Remixed) by Jay Roecker


Jay Roecker’s Latest release is a short EP of 3 remixes of his late ‘22 hit Pour On Me. Featuring a variety of tastes for the song, each sounding unique and standout, the EP is a healthy reimagining of one of Jay’s most rocked-to hits.

Joy Roecker is an Austin, Texas-based singer and producer whose brand of dance floor-ready light techno and electronica are melodic, punchy, and smooth. The 3 featured remixes are courtesy of Lenny Fontana, Valimoor, and Klubjumpers, and each take on the original brings something new to the table. Lenny Fontana’s opening remix sees the song take a funkier road. With a more pronounced drum part that features jangly hats, bleeping synths, and a generally chiller, more hypnotic feel than the original cut. 

Valimoor’s remix is industrial and features more pronounced and punchy beats that are electronic and hard-hitting, mixed beautifully between the right and left channels. It might be referred to as the sweet spot between Fontana’s watered-down funky take, and Klubjumpers’ twisted and processed one, which takes the original song, by far, the farthest distance. Klumjumpers’ remix sees the rhythm and harmony of the original spliced and altered, creating an alien feel that’s almost ready for the dance floor. Rave-y, intricate, and slightly challenging, Klubjumpers’ remix is the most interesting, while being the least accessible. 

This short EP of remixes is not overdone. Displaying three solid take on an already loved song that takes it in different directions, each compelling enough is a testament to the versatility of Joe Roecker’s original. A tasteful EP that will have something for everybody.