Hunter by Sahara Beck


Pop trailblazer Sahara Beck returns with a third offering from her upcoming Summer ‘23 album, titled ‘All Attention on The Emotions’. A lush pop gem with endless replay value, crisp production, and compelling vocals. A piece of delightful songwriting.

Aussie Sahara Beck is based in Perpignan Beach. Her latest single is titled Hunter. Co-written with Robby DeSa, and produced by Aria award winner Kon Kersting. ‘Hunter’ comes at the tail of Sahara’s beautiful single ‘Like You’, and it is invigorating to listen to how different the two songs are, how equally musical and rich they both are, each in its own way. Hunter’s jangly guitar riffs are funky and syncopated, the finger-snap rhythm intro soon evolves into an immaculate, fast-paced groove on a tight-sounding electronic drum kit. The synths used sound snazzy, and electrifying, and Sahara’s vocal performance is beautifully accessible while being compelling, diverse, and musical. She struck me as being a very effervescent and effortless singer whose sound is direct and simple, but efficient and effective. Hunter’s lyrics discuss envy and jealousy, bringing the protagonist to life through catchy and smooth lines that subvert expectations. 

Hunter is a flamboyant offering of sophisticated, richly written, and crafted pop that will easily belong to hundreds of streaming playlists, and hundreds of minutes of radio playtime. A pure pop from start to finish.