EP: Reflexions & Strings by Trevour Amunga

Joanna Adams

Born in Kenya and moved to America, Trevour Amunga is a musician and model that is making a big splash with his music in 2021 with his EP “For Akira” and in 2022 with his second EP “Vespa”.

Trevour has now released a third EP titled “Reflexions & Strings”…we’ll be talking about it, but before that, how about we get to know the artist?

Trevour was born in Kenya, which he actually recently visited in 2020…meeting childhood friends, and told him stories about when he was young and was rapping in Church…

Trevour never forgot where he came from…and this is something instilled in him by his parents, who grew up in a small village in Kenya and worked their lives toward their goals, eventually moving to America, while they also had a huge impact on their community back in Kenya, they are this kind of parents, full support, all the time.

His Dad sadly passed away in 2020, god bless his soul.

Trevour always had the music inside him from a very young age, as for modeling, it started because of his sister, it’s her passion and he was taking her to the shoots…and that’s how it came about.

Trevour is always doing art, whether it’s music or fashion…he’s always moving ahead, which I believe is a source of inspiration that we could all benefit from examining and doing the same…never quitting.

…now, how about we get to check out Trevour’s latest EP “Reflexions & Strings”?

Let’s jump in.

“Reflexions & Strings” is a 5 track EP with many surprises…

The EP starts out with the hip hop/synth song “86 Porsche”.

This song has old-school vibes, especially with the synth sound and chord progressions, but with a modern twist with Trevour’s vocal flow, it’s a mix of hip-hop and rap and it is explosive.

“Home” is the second track of the EP… starts out with a famous sampled part of a song, you know It, I won’t spoil the surprise…after that intro, we get into the meat of the actual track, it’s definitely more edgy sounding…bass is pumping, electric guitar lead in the background…a bit of distortion on the vocals…it’s definitely edgier.

It’s also a bit of a progressive song too…around the last third of the song it changes drastically with a more Latin guitar-centric progression…it’s the first progressive hip-hop/rap song I’ve heard.

The third track is “Magic” and it’s unique….so the first half is ambient and cinematic, while the second half is drum N bass on fire…it’s a slow burner, but if you enjoy the ambient ride, you’ll get the energy of the track.

“Stargirl 94” is a sonically nostalgic song…all the instruments sound from 94…the musical progression is chill and the vocals are more relaxed…it’s definitely a chilling song.

Going into the last track of the EP, we get to “Chains”…

This track is heavier, both sonically, lyrically, and emotionally…it feels like a hip-hop/rock hybrid with guitar riffs playing in the background…” Chains” is one of the most unique songs I’ve heard in quite a while, the fusion between different musical genres and elements takes it to another level…add on top of that a very catchy chorus that will make you wait for it each time it comes around to sing with it.

Trevour really shines in “Chains” with great melodic lines and a brilliant flow.

Trevour Amunga is an artist to watch out for, we can’t wait for his new release.

Trevour, we wish you all the best in life.


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