Mustang Runners by Mary Knoblock

Mary Knoblock Fine Art

We need more experimentation…move people to push the boundaries…

…more artists to act like explorers of the sonic realm…

If you’re with me on that, you’ll absolutely love Mary Knoblock’s work.

Mary is an avante-garde musician based in Portland, Oregon, USA…and she has a lot to share with the world.

Mary is a neo-classical composer that explored the EDM world, going into uncharted waters, expanding the sonic map of the world as we know it…and oh boy did she take us to new places…

With her latest release “Mustang Runners” you’ll be transported to a cinematic-cyberpunk-ambient-EDM dreamy world that only Mary can conjure up…

“Mustang Runners” is heavy on musical storytelling and ambient musical beds that will not only fill your ears…the rich music and vocal lines will fill your soul with a much-needed experimental, yet absolutely easily digestible musical world that I didn’t wish to leave any time soon.

The track has layers upon layers upon layers of textures, elements, synths, and vocal performance worthy of the Hollywood screen.

Mary’s vocal performance gave me the same chills I got when watching Gladiator with the mesmerizing vocals of Lisa Gerrard….Mary is on the same level, not just with her dreamy angelic vocals, but with her brilliant music composition.

“Mustang Runners” is many things, from Blade Runner to Gladiator to even new unexplored territories….it’s a worthy track to be under the spotlight…and Mary Knoblock is an erupting volcano of talent, her music is a gold mine of absolute cinematic/ambient brilliance.

If you’re not afraid to explore the unknown, to explore the future…check Mary’s works right now.

Mary, we wish you all the best in life, you’re an explorer and we are onboard your ship to go further into new waters.