Ether Swamp by Disco Dreams


If you are accustomed to listening to electronic music, you know very well that it carries between its vocal tones different feelings, and among those who compose this type of music is Disco Dreams, the independent producer from Ohio, which bears its artistic name one of its styles, which is “Disco.

In his latest solo release, “Ether Swamp”, he successfully used ethereal sounds, to create hallucinogenic swirls resulting in a wonderful arrangement. Elements implode meticulously in endless detail along the path, and with hypnotic beats of the ether airs, they transport us to a world of dreams!

When you listen to “Ether Swamp” you will not need one of the hallucinogenic pills, because it will surely take you to another world of overlapping colors or perhaps the infinite dimensions of other worlds that will bring you an unforgettable experience!

Coming from an intangible level, this musical is undoubtedly a captivating and emotional adventure. Able to cherish the listener and provide him with explosive energy, the courage to move through the swamps of sound simultaneously dark and loud.

Those who follow Disco Dreams will find that “Ether Swamp” is different from its previous versions, its music is more animated and livelier, and it has an electronic spell that makes you more addicted to it and a desire to hear more of it because it is adept at diversifying the notes that we eventually surrender to.

Disco Dreams released their debut album “Mystic Daze” last year, his most recent single, Cryptic [K]night was just released earlier this summer. This will now be followed by an additional release, Ether Swamp, leading him into his second studio album sometime in 2023.

Make Disco Dreams one of your favorite artists on your playlist that you listen to while you do your daily work or exercises, as it is a source of energy, focus, and vitality.


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