Eyes in Love by Naked Face


Art could mean many things …

…could be entertaining…

…intriguing, making you think…


…and it can be all of that while also acting as a beacon of light to many people…

Art in its infinite forms can reach out to someone in need, light the way for them, relate to them, and maybe even help them through a tough time in their lives…which is something we can all agree on…we need that relatability, we need that support…

…that takes me to Naked Face’ “Eyes In Love”.

“Eyes In Love” is a high-energy electro-pop dance song, full of emotions, atmosphere, and artistic charisma that could easily light the night on fire in any club on the planet.

Naked Face is an extremely talented and passionate electro/pop/dance music duo from Australia, they are Steve Silk, a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter, and Luke House on the bass. Steve wrote about his struggles with post-surgical opioid addiction during a turbulent and worsening relationship.

“Eyes In Love” talks about heartbreak, betrayal, and addiction…it came out from Steve’s own life experiences, from his own soul, if you will.

The song oozes high levels of energy while being melodic…it definitely has a unique mix of dance club vibes with catchy melodies that will not just make you dance but will also make you chant it out.

The production quality of “Eyes In Love” is top-notch.

Starting from the composition and structure, it takes the audience on a journey of pumping energy…

Instrumentation and sound choices are on point…while also having an iconic vocal performance that will resonate with the listeners through its melodic vocal hooks and emotional delivery.

Steve and Luke’s…or should I say Naked Face, they’re music is full of exuberant energy and stories within their lyrics…along with an unlimited amount of potential and talent, their music can be enjoyed by all electronic music fans…and basically, anyone who likes a good song, even if it’s not of the genre they usually listen to…and I think that is the power of Naked Face “Eyes In Love”.

We wish Naked Face all the best in the world, they deserve it.

Looking forward to new releases from you guys!


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