Tell Me by Sadie Nix


In Sadie Nix’s latest foray, she set out to discover a cinematic, dramatic, and larger-than-life side to her music, and the resulting single is a delicate, yet thunderous piece of pop balladry that’s soulful, stirring, and sensational. 

Brighton-based, Sadie Nix is a singer and indie artist who’s been in the business of writing songs for 18 months, driven by her love for storytelling. Sadie Nix’s latest release, a single titled Tell Me, is a mature piece of songwriting about twisted, almost-one-sided love. Sadie’s aim is to provide strong and soulful vocal deliveries that channel legends like Swift and Cyrus, but with relatable, lived-through lyrics that are courtesy of her slightly more mature age, and for the most part, she succeeds with flying colors. 

Tell Me is about a partner who’s not comfortable showing their emotions, resulting in them keeping our protagonist at an arm’s length, far enough to not expose their emotions, yet close enough to provide her with a sense of hope, until she breaks with frustration, and her confrontation is this very song. The song’s cinematic grandeur are courtesy of rich and emotive songwriting and a dynamic vocal delivery that shifts in mood, rhythm, and feel throughout the different sections of the piece. The high-reaching choruses are stirring, and the laid-back verses are more introspective and melancholic, and all the while, Sadie’s delivery is lush and heartfelt. 

Tell Me’s one setback is in the mix of the drums that send them all the way to the back of the arrangement, making them seem muffled and out of focus, at some points a distraction rather than an addition. Nonetheless, Tell Me is undoubtedly a grand and touching piece of music from Sadie Nix. Her pristine vocals, crisp harmonies, and compelling storytelling all make Tell Me an enjoyable, relatable, and reflective piece of mature songwriting.