Faithful God (Ft. Mariah Lanee & Jeremy McKain) by Kell Bailey


Kell Bailey is bringing his fullest game on his latest drop of pure, old-school-fresh-sound gospel music, featuring Billboard charting guest artists and some soulful performances that bring musical class and drama together with divine glorification in a healthy dish.

‘Faithful God’, Bailey’s latest single is part of his highly anticipated album ‘Evidence’, which was very recently released, and it is a sampler of what Bailey’s got in store for us on the album, and a showcase of his litany of talents. Producer, singer, and songwriter Kell Bailey has a sound that can be described at its very core as pure gospel, but the panache that he provides on Faithful God is simply stunning.

First things first, the drums are astonishing. Tight and punchy, the beats are delivered with a lively zest that simply carries the majority of the song’s bombastic vocals and synths. Without the roomy drums, they would have completely lost the base on which they build their extravaganza. And yes, the song is fantastically jubilant and extravagant. Dotted with tasteful synths and electronic keyboard sounds that are equally fresh and familiar, the song’s performances are alive and breathing. The vocals from Kell and 2 guest artists are all equally terrific. 3 consummate professionals, singing their absolute hearts out for the glory of the divine. Religious or not-so-much, you would have to be heartless to not feel the passion that the singers are delivering with.

‘Faithful God’ is a piece of gospel that’s so neat and crisp and immaculately crafted that it could dwarf maybe the majority of chart-topping pop hits. At least as far as soul and musicality goes. Lyrically, the song has a clear message that’s stated as early as the song’s title, so that its audience will find it easy to reach and relate to. Kell Bailey’s multiple talents are in a sublime display on ‘Faithful God’.


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