Pas De Transpiration ( No Sweat ) by Sunny V


The beginning seconds of Sunny V’s “Pas De Transpiration” are a dream gateway into something even dreamer…it’s a song that will disorient you in the best way possible…and give you an absolutely enjoyable ride by the end of it.

Sunny V hails from New Orleans, USA…a city with a solid musical footprint and Sunny V is adding to this through his works.

Sunny V is many things…he’s a rapper, lyricist and emcee…

His lyrics are extremely witty and his flow is super smooth…

The intro to his latest song “Pas De Transpiration” is a cinematic woodwinds and strings film score kind of long sample…it’s so dream-like, literally transporting the audiences into another realm…and you’re not prepared for what’s on the other side…

…on the other side is a world of bossa nova/hip-hop fusion, moving you percussively and grabbing your attention to the very smartly written lyrics and the amazing vocal flow that keeps changing up everytime Sunny V wants to surprise us with an even more awesome word chopping style…

The music is amazing and vocals are definitely an even bigger highlight…and even if you’re not an avid fan of rap, you can easily get hooked to this one, it’s just that good.

Sunny V really did something great with “Pas De Transpiration” and it should be checked out by anyone who is a fan of good music and song.

Sunny V, we wish you all the best in life, you definitely deserve that…and a little more.

Can’t wait to see what you have next for us…keep surprising us, we’re counting on it.



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