Famous by LIBERATI


Fusions of deep, scathing social commentary with upbeat, cheerful bop-friendly music will remain one of the more endearing and stirring musical formulas. Because what can be better than getting partygoers to dance to a song that is apprehensive of a big chunk of their lifestyles? We’ll tell you… it’s making that song absolutely terrific.

Malibu-based singer and songwriter LIBERATI knows a thing or two about going viral. After amassing more than 12 million views on the infamous TikTok channel The Powerhouse, LIBERATI now knows the formula to make a successful summer hit, and he knows how to get it heard too.

‘Famous’ is the title of LIBERATI’s latest single and it is what you would describe, if you had to describe a hit for the early summer. Starting with the song’s terrific production. The sound is fresh and punchy, neat and EQed to perfection. From the snappy, tight drums, and LIBERATI’s fresh and jumpy vocal performance, which is a showcase for his strong singing qualities, to the litany of sweet detailings in the synths and soundscapes. The song also boasts of a terrific saxophone solo that’s honestly way too underrated in the realms of delicious, summer hits.

If you fancy an early taste of summer, something to dance to while the lyrics criticize our constant pursuit of empty fame through our obsession with the superficiality of social media, which LIBERATI manages to make sound good and juicy, then Famous is where you should go.