Doubtful by Rob Eberle


Each one has a certain way of documenting the memories and situations they experience every day; some write in journals, others use photography, but Rob Eberle uses personal lyrics accompanied by eclectic melodies. The talented singer and songwriter is inspired by different encounters in his everyday life; a situation he’s been through, a story, or even by observing others around him and their experiences, such unique and authentic lyrics make him stand out as a songwriter.  

He started releasing his music in 2020 with “Enough” as his debut single which reached over 13K streams on Spotify only. Later in 2021, he released his debut EP “WHERE’S MY MIND?” which was a huge success and thousands of streaming numbers, like “Novocaine” which reached 13K, and “I just needed somebody to be someone” which hit over 48K streams. 

The NY-Based artist has a fresh perspective when it comes to his music and melodies, he uses a rock foundation with pop hype and electronic elements, all mixed to come up with alternative rock-pop music but darker. His musical style is influenced by different artists like Madison Beer, Olivia Rodrigo, FINNEAS & Billie Eilish, and Panic! At the Disco. 

His latest release “Doubtful” has catchy synth electronic sounds with an interesting melodic motif. The song is inspired by different scenes and themes from the comedy movie “Mrs. Doubtfire” by Robin Williams, where Eberle expresses his profound angle on one’s life, self-worth, and relationships. The song has gained the liking of many of his fans and listeners and in only 2 months it reached over 7K streams. Check out the artist’s Instagram account to stay updated with his next live performance that’ll surely blow your mind away. 


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