This Is Just A Simple Song by The Eighty Six Seas


Brooklyn-based The Eighty-six seas (AKA Nick Stevens) released his new album ‘This is just a simple song”. Nick Stevens is an Alt-Folk/Indie pop artist, who uses the moniker “The Eighty-six seas” as a tribute to the 1986 Celtics, which were called “The 86 C’s”. 

To start off the album, I listened to “Judy in Madrid” first, and wow. I absolutely loved the piano in this song and the overall vibe. It made me feel oddly optimistic, and that everything will be fine. It’s impressive to get this feeling from a song alone! One of my favorites was definitely “The Insomniac’s Lament”, I would definitely listen to this when i’m reading. The song brings me such calamity. Another favorite of mine would be “The Artist”. I loved the guitar solo at the end, definitely a perfect way to end the song! Paired with a simple drum beat, I would definitely rank this as my favorite from this album. One I was not rather fond of was “desire lines”, though I liked it, it felt stagnant, and it failed to invoke any feelings in me.

All in all, I absolutely loved this album, and I hail Stevens for making such a diverse album, with not only one genre, but he mixed genres in such a beautiful way. Just a whole album full of goodies for the ear!



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