Fool by Robert Vendetta


Norwegian artist Robert Pederson, also known as Robert Vendetta is releasing his latest single on the 21st of this month…”Fool” is a story about how a person has made a very foolish choice of choosing gold over friends…which makes you wonder…we really need to choose more carefully and know the pricelessness of people.

“Fool” has been in the making for 15 years, which could be kind of a record…well, technically, the basic idea of the song was written even more that 15 years ago…but Robert chose to include the song in his upcoming 2024 album, so…he reworked it and made it into a fully fleshed musical story that hits hard and deep.

The song incorporates many beautifully and intricately crafted melodies, excellent instrumentation, colorful musical composition and a superb build up that hits the perfect bullseye, in our hearts.

“Fool” stars Roberts vocals, lyrics and the great piano playing that accompanies him almost all throughout the song…”Fool” is a musical ballad that takes us through a journey of choices and regret…and we absolutely enjoyed every little bit of it.

…then there is a musical twist just beyond the midway mark of the song, where the power of the song is unleashed and the energy levels go through the roof…

We can’t wait to experience what Robert is preparing for his upcoming album…we wish him all the best…and, we’ll be on the lookout.


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