Game Over by Liv Charette


A young kid running back from school on a weekend to play his newly purchased game. He goes on and on, trying again multiple times when the levels get vigorous, and when he passes the level, it’s a triumph for our young kid. The kid grows up and all he thinks of is how he perceives that everyone is playing a game. Society is an open-world video game where you have quests and missions to pass every day. Everyone with his own objectives which usually fall back on his summoned purpose. And some people’s objectives were relationships as “Liv Charette” expressed in her latest single “Game Over

From Nashville, the US the Canadian pop singer and songwriter Liv Charette release “Game Over” inspired by a recent break-up, and of course her long love of video games.

The track features a nostalgic feel and vibe, which throws you back to older gaming devices and arcade video games such as Nintendo and the ’90s devices used in gaming. The cause of this nostalgic vibe is that “Game Over” kicks off with a video game arena where nothing goes higher than the pushing buttons sounds.

The track kicks off with the rich-vocals Liv enjoys, expressing a 360-degree movement in a video game, and then adds “You had your turn”  addressing her ex. Seamlessly influenced by video games; “I suggested the idea to Jason when we were writing in LA and he brought the song to life with a track that includes some amazing nostalgic game sounds. The lyrics turned it into an anthem for telling someone that you’re winning by ending the relationship.Charette stated.

Honestly the minute I played “Game Over” I was thrilled by the tone of Liv’s vocals! IIt’sastonishing to a degree that drags you into her pit. I believe that Britney Spears is her God-mother vocally. Similar to Adele in looks, but Britney Spears in vocal performance. 

The track is well written using expressions that are video game based such as “We were good, we were great, we were heroes. But all along you were just using cheat codes.” This line has won the game for me and it was brilliantly written.

The overall quality and clarity of vocals and video game effects levitated the track along with Liv’s critically acclaimed vocals. 

Guitars also were mastered and played cool riffs and an adequate theme-friendly solo which synced with the overall vibe.

Liv Charette‘s line “Can’t lose cause I already won!” is realistic cause she gained a lot of listeners from multiple generations through “Game Over”, yet it’s just GAME ON for her!


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