Globalist Pricks by Eric Hanson


Eric Hanson, who was born in Las Vegas in the mid-1960s, developed an early interest in music and recording, which he nurtured all the way through his formal piano studies. Once dismissed as a “hobby,” the result of its creator’s forty-plus years of songwriting and recording is now available to the public. 

His new politically loaded new tune, “Globalist Pricks,” is out now on Spotify. His musical tastes range widely and include Pink Floyd, Elton John, the Alan Parsons Project, Brian Ferry, and David Bowie. 

The artist asserts that the jovial indie-pop song is his playful response to the flagrant abuses of civil liberties and the damage to essential medical liberty and lives by a group of wealthy individuals behind an initiative to impose regulations on unconventional treatments misleadingly labeled as sufficiently trialed vaccines that have since been shown to have a negative value in potency and dismal medical outcomes. 

This single features distinctively melodic music that is paired with engaging lyrics that deliver an honest message to everyone listening to it.


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