On Repeat by Tom Orlando


A young and talented artist got into a totally different melody in his music and voice “Tom Orlando” based in Ottawa, CA. Tom has been told to never get into singing, he took in rap and went along with several awesome releases, but this time he took a different route that has a different vibe with his new release “On Repeat” which was out on the 13th of June, 2022.

The song has melodious beats that will move you through the music, he adds in his singing voice that is so different than his rapping voice in any of his previous songs. “On Repeat” gives a Hawaiian vibe that you can never get fed up with this song from listening to it all day.

However, it talks about the heartbreak of a loved one who went away and live with a different guy, but aside from that the song really gives some cool vibes that you can dance to.

The lyric video on youtube that was released almost a month ago, which got a cool simple few sketchings that shows exactly the story of this song.

Tom is a creative artist who I believe can do both singing and rap in his music career and will work it out in his own unique way. He also connects perfectly to his fans through his lyrics and melodies perfectly which is worth looking forwards to his next future releases.


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