Gold by Chapell


New York-based rocker Chapell dropped his latest single “Gold” on the 1st of April, 2022 and it’s a classic rock tune that’ll bring you back to the good old days. Chapell started chasing his passion at a very young age, learning piano and trumpet at the age of 6 and his first recording session at the age of 15 was with legendary producer Jimmy Ienner, launching his career and now he has 6 albums on his catalog.

“Gold” starts with an old-school-influenced intro, and the melodic guitar melody reminded me of rock classics. Chapell’s strong open vocals uplifted the mood with the help of groovy bass, percussions, and swaying guitars before, engaging in a light catchy chorus with fluid melodies and memorable vocals. The significant guitar work kept me hooked throughout the whole song, guitar licks and melodies thrown here and there with perfect timing and killer solos just take you back in time.

“Gold” is an absolutely enjoyable tune that can easily slip into your on-repeat playlist, easygoing melodies with strong catchy vocals, and some guitar hero moments. Recommended to any good music lover and will be looking forward to more, cheers!


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