Green by Olly Lagemann


Olly Lagemann is a remarkable musician with lots of tricks up his sleeves. The artist was born and raised by the North Sea in Cuxhaven, a beautiful town in Germany with breathtaking scenery. Growing up in such a dreamy, natural surrounding environment, Olly had plenty of time to explore his passion for music on a more extensive scale and with liberty which led him to learn guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard. The multi-instrumentalist put his skills to use and has been performing with two bands “Cats TV” and “Loz Tinitoz” for decades. Lagemann released some of his songs with both bands on YouTube where they’ve reached thousands of views, giving him wide exposure and a fan base of almost 1K listeners on Spotify. The artist has been releasing his solo music now and then whenever he’s not touring or performing with his other bands. He also has several releases in which he collaborates with other artists like his EP released earlier this year “WEISS” with Katja Stock. Or his EP “Mellow Days” was released in 2020 with ‘Hedge’, which had the song “A Dreamer’s Tale” that reached over 14K streams on Spotify. 

“Green” is his most recent release this year; a 4 track EP that was recorded and produced at Sad Rex Studio, Cuxhaven by Pete Draack (Cats TV, Hedge, and Loz Tinitoz). He refers to the style as “German pop with the Beatles and Daft Punk”, which surely shows in his songs. 

The EP is all in the German language and has a wide variety of elements and unusual combinations where a song will have an opera singer with a heavenly voice like “Auf in die Nacht” with Jenni FM accompanied by synths and a lo-fi effect, while another will give the Beatles vibe right away with the electric guitar tunes, retro beat, and bass line like “Was sie aus einem macht”. “Tanz mit mir” on the other hand has a slower beat and a more chilled, slow dance vibe. Unlike, “Das bist Du” which kicks off with a rock mood and guitar tunes. The Ep won’t give you a chance to get bored because of the different elements, genres, and moods. 


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