Have you celebrated your F**ked-up-ness?

Artwork: Yolanda Van Der Kolk-Brown
You know when you wake up thinking you know yourself and then by the day’s end things have turned upside down and inside out?
Tara Van wrote, “Fucked-up-ness,” after attending a bold one-woman fringe show by Vikki Velenosi.
“In an unexpected turn of events, Vikki’s raw performance mirrored things I had been experiencing my whole life but never had the words for: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Her autobiographical theatre piece helped me see my life as the tragicomedy that it is. I went home feeling joyfully and painfully seen. Shortly after, I started the process of getting the help that I need.” Tara said.
“Despite some advances, neurodiversity is still stigmatized. It is often dismissed as a lack of resilience, or seen as a source of suspicion. For those of you out there who are feeling lost or overwhelmed – talk to a therapist and/or doctor. Assumptions of normativity are fucked up, not you. Ok, maybe you too…but on your terms.” Tara added.


???? Be empowered by your “Fucked-up-ness” by listening to my song here????


This song is about embracing your fucked-up-ness! We’ve all got our shit, don’t feel pressured to mask it. Being human is being fucked up. Worship your weirdness and join me in committing to diversity, equity and inclusion.


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