High Ground Mixtape by Mr Sunshine


This year we have a talented artist from Lisbon who has risen up with a new release, Samuel Henley going by the name “Mr. Sunshine,” starting to put his hip-hop music out there in 2021. His new release is “High Ground Mixtape” which has collaborated with the talented artists “Bronze Nazareth, Roxiie Reese, Micwise, cpt.6_7, Nekro G, Elisa Gobbi,” adding awesome vocals to the music.

The music that he creates has different and mixed vibes for each part of the mixtape, every part has its own unique element to it that shows a great deal of work that got Samual had produced for us eventually to blow us off with the style of hip-hop, R&B and soul music his mix.

The “High Ground Mixtape” started with a piece called “In the sky” with a soft jazzed sax playing and the lush breathtaking voice that was sung by Roxiie Reese with soulful music that eases you for the next piece, “Take it Away” Micwise went in with rapping all the way while cpt.6_7 was taking over with the bass playing, they both went hard-on with their own style. Then comes a soothing piano playing with Elisa Gobbi’s vocals paving the way for Nekro G to come in with dope rap in this piece called “Paved the Way.” “Exile” is pure rap from Nekro G hailing on this one with his awesomeness that perfectly fits the music Mr. Sunshine created for the meaning of this piece that caught my ear. Lastly, a calm piece “State of Mind” closes up this mixtape with a piece of melodious music going through Elisa’s heavenly angelic voice. 

“High Ground Mixtape” is the kind of music that you can just listen to over a cup of tea and work on your screenplay within a coffee shop. It’s the kind of music that gives you the motivation to get through work. I can’t recommend this music more!



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