Honey by FINTER.


He made his light debut in Salzburg, Austria last year, with his hit single “Lidocaine”, and is now an alternative pop singer FINTER. is back. With a new one that carries a great deal of beauty, which is “Honey”.

After he got the first version of FINTER. Admired by a large section of pop music fans, he found himself continuing the path with a wonderful track with many contradictions, and complex lyrics depicting a broken relationship but carried by smooth and beautiful music.

The song begins in a racy style, as FINTER. succeeds. In mixing fuzzy electronic elements with organic elements. He tells us his story, and as the track progresses, the jazz guitar and bass come along, and the solo playing rises to set the mood.

The song “Honey” seems to take a lot from its name, it’s honest and clear feelings about being cheated on in a relationship, and it shows the pain and vulnerability that the vocalization helps convey and the images in the words will stick in your mind for a while.

This version is another great offer that FINTER. gives us. With his strong and expressive voice, he is not afraid to use it on fresh and sophisticated music so you can listen to “Honey” without hesitation.