The Details Are Vague by The GOAT


The GOAT is one of Vancouver’s leading electronic musicians. He has quite a bit of experience in integrating technical and industrial sounds. He sends us from Canada 12 tracks on his new album, The Details Are Vague, with lots and lots of diverse, shimmering, and quivering sounds.

The GOAT is a DJ, producer, and musician at heart, who has played across Western Canada with the likes of Chris Liping, Leighton Giordani, De Unity, Ramon Tapia, Kevin Saunderson, Dave Angel, and Claude Young.

On The Details Are Vague, our artist brings out the experiences of yesteryears that you can hear, feel the tension, find balance, abstract cycles, and mysterious rhythms found in the music he produces.

Techno, cinematic, bizarre, cruel, and massive. The wonderful dark battle inside the album. Full of attitude and impulse with lively roaring energy. I loved the bold and uncommon futuristic curves in it.

The music in the tracks makes the album sculpted to show off its vibrant organicity. It is characterized by the solidity of the sound that is tight, precise, detailed, sharp, and perhaps cold. The waves of the music feel human and emotional, blasting into grumpy, technical beats in a chaotic setting, making you feel like they’re moving toward something real, deep, and meaningful.

The first track, “Removed From Service” has a bass that gets your heart pumping, pulling you into a dance to an eerie beat. “Good Morning Sinners” doesn’t stray too far from this vibe, but features the echoes of solid bass and falling sounds. There are dark effects in the background notes accompanied by weird sounds in the “Paresc” track, and the faint instrumentation and rockers in the “Random-Dot Auto Stereogram” make the two tracks a different case.

“Ephemeral” continues its pre-set dark tones with some transitions and permutations between sounds and shares this track on “The Mud Of Humanity” with welcome additions to our enjoyment.

So far “Ephemeral” could be the coolest track on the album whose strong kicks with long bass give a great sound that sounds completely different from the rest of the album.

The track “Alone” has its character, it struggles the most, by attracting attention by including the dark pop-rock artist Melohalo. What makes it move away from the dark atmosphere to an open one.

We can say the same about “You Missed The Forest For The Trees” because its tone abandons the solid bass for light chords and echoes, and it has some beauty and mystery in its ambiance that feels disconnected from the project’s sound. It can be considered the rest since it is the seventh path.

“Vulcanize” is a track full of distorted elements that come together to make that noise what they mean by making noise music. The melodies are choppy synths and the bass line is accompanied by some distorted rhythms, giving you the feeling of white noise.

“Reduced to Ashes” still has the distorted sound and with some rock ‘n’ roll you’ll surely love its taste, it will take you to the “Exit Now” track and leave you utterly tired from the heaps of fun music.

The tricky part here is that sometimes techno artists focus too much on the electronic or tech part, ignoring the human element. In “The Details Are Vague” The GOAT tries to balance the technical and human parts, which makes this music completely different and does not come from an easy place. So listen to it carefully.