Honeymoon Eyes by Freya Beer


Freya Beer kicks off her new musical phase with a stunning, alluring, and mystical drama. Honeymoon Eyes is a Gothic Disco

The London-based Freya Beer Collaborates with Tom Saint on her latest rocking single, the electro-pop Honeymoon Eyes. Telling the tragic story of a relationship that’s doomed to vanish, with an expiry date and two lovers who are aware of it. The story is told through a dialogue between Saint and Beer, two singers that, I have to say, have amazing chemistry. The music is dazzlingly noir with neon lights. The composition is dark and cyclical, feeling foreboding and oppressive, while the bright production and the open sonic textures were chosen to provide the perfect counterpoint for this darkness. The music is dominated by a simple, elegant trap beat, and crawling sub-bass that’s prominent, making the sound eerie, shifting, and uneasy. The gothic element is expertly delivered, effortless, and efficient.

Honeymoon Eyes is a simple synth-pop gem. The lyrical motifs are common and the chords are too, but the stunning performances and the amazing chemistry between those two singers make the whole experience fresh and exciting. A brand new sound that Freya Beer delivers with flying colors.


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