Try Me by Marcus McCoan


I believe that there is a perfect time for everything to happen. And from where I’m standing, it sounds about right that we’ve hit the clock for Marcus McCoan to come out of the shadows and shine brightly in the light, with his first release, the live session video “Try Me.”

Marcus McCoan is a talented songwriter who co-wrote songs with one of the well-known K-Pop bands, BTS. Now, he’s showing us that he can also exceed as a vocalist and live performer, and “Try Me” is good evidence of that, as well as an enticing teaser for his debut single “Phase Me,” which will be dropped on the 18th of November.

“Try Me” is sonically and visually hypnotizing. It’s structured to get you hooked, as it lures you to listen, saying “try me,” and as you hear it, with a confident, electrifying tone, it turns to say, “Yeah, now you’re charmed under my superb spill.”

The Cornish songwriter and producer is giving a captivating vocal performance with his wide range of vocal lines that can be warm and edgy at the same time. His voice harmonizes smoothly with the stirring melody. The solo part with the glitched visuals makes you know for sure that you’re ready to be the fan who’s ardently singing along in a live act.

The aesthetic songwriting, the exquisite live delivery, and the charismatic vocals create such a vibe that leaves you beyond satisfied and urging for more, which will be there on the 18th of November, and until then, you can put it on repeat.


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