The Fifth Step by ROGUE FX


A rocking lead single from Rogue FX’s debut EP, ‘The Fifth Step’ sports retro synths and beats, charismatic vocals, and quirky production in a promising package.

Based in Durham, The United Kingdom, Rogue FX is a moniker for Andrew Wood, hailing from Northeast England. A synth-pop veteran, Wood has been active since the 90s with the synth-pop act ‘Please’ and house outfit ‘Bass Value’, and after a long hiatus, Wood returns to release retro wave bangers under the name Rogue FX.

‘The Fifth Step’ is the title of Rogue FX’s lead single, and it sounds fresh and groovy. The song’s immediately groovy feel comes courtesy of a rhythmic, arpeggiating synth, and a neat drum beat that utilizes a punchy-sounding kit. The composition is energized and its endless repetitions make the sound hypnotic and very easy to get used to.

Inspired by science fiction, more singles from Rogue FX’s debut EP are planned to drop in June and July, and it is a fresh sound that brings a tinge of nostalgia that we are quite eager to explore further.




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