I Want To See You Again by Noelle Toland


Country singer Noelle Toland recently released her single “I want to see you again”. Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, the artist draws her inspiration from 90’s country music. The singer collaborated with a legendary guitarist and songwriter Steve Copper on this track, and was produced and co-written by Chris Condon (Guitarist and music director of Billy Ray Cyrus) what an amazing choice that’s been!

The song starts with a beautiful tune on the guitar, and Toland’s melodic vocals. Her vocals are super rich and lifting, giving this song a very positive vibe to it. The lyrics are so beautiful, about falling in love and wanting to see the person again. This song is reminiscent of early Taylor Swift, with the same love lyrics and sweet acoustic tunes, and I absolutely loved the cute lyric video! Not to mention Steve copper’s crisp guitar playing, It’s no wonder this track has already garnered almost 3500 streams on Spotify alone.

All in all, this is sure to put Toland on the map and will catapult her into superstardom. This is a very solid country song, and Toland is on her way to modernizing old-school country music!


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