Is It Really so Hard? by Velar Prana

Clemens Gumpoldsberger

Velar Prana just dropped his latest single “Is It Really So Hard?” featuring Modest Oda, an Instagram friendship that evolved into something fruitful. Both artists came up with the idea of the song together then Modest Oda came up with the first lyrics which Velar Prana transferred into an upbeat and fun indie-pop song. Velar Prana is the stage name for the Viennese, Austrian artist Clemens Gumpoldsberger who writes, records and produces his music.

He started by spending his school nights at the turntables in clubs till he became the renowned artist he currently is. He is distinguished by his previous single “Turn the Lights Down” which went viral and has over 1.2M streams on Spotify only. The artist depends heavily on electronic sound effects and electronic instrumentation yet he’s keen on keeping a human touch and raw instruments since he has extensive experience in playing the viola and drums which distinguishes him from other artists who completely rely on electronic-based sounds. Modest Oda on the other hand “it is the cutting off of one’s own roots. Blurring of self-imposed boundaries”. The artist is based in Graz, Austria with an alternative rock start and is now shifting his sound by replacing the guitar and bass with 2 synthesizers while the drum is being exchanged with a drum machine, while the vocals are redesigned using digital harmonies and sound effects. The song has fresh energy and a chill vibe; it is about letting opportunities pass and feeling stuck only to realize that you are standing in your way. It just tells you that sometimes you need to pause, take a step back and reflect, to give yourself a chance to free yourself from your own boundaries. 


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