In Your Eyes by Lucy Clue


The German-based with Italian roots, indie musician Lucy Clue shares a track titled “In Your Eyes” with us today, with a special character and a special history.

Rapper, writer, and composer Clue draws inspiration from her very own life experiences and the lives of her best friends. If you find the idea, write it down and make the appropriate music for it.

In her song “In Your Eyes,” she talks about the most special things two people can share, but she puts them into beautiful and appropriate avatars when she can’t stop thinking about them.

Clue says of her song, it’s a particularly important date for her because one of her sisters has a birthday on August 4, and also the sister of Eddie Vance, the producer who shares it, They wanted to give a gift to their sisters…so this song was.

The artistic diversity that this wonderful track brings is special, as it is inspired by the 80s and 90s. In it, sweeping sounds enter futuristic structures laden with synthesizers in abundance, meeting a chorus laden with the deepest pop explosions. It ends at the tempo of Latin rap permeating into the Spanish language, which makes it super cool.

Although strongly nostalgic through synth-pop flows, there is a dialogue with the contemporary that runs subtly along the track through simulated modern influences.

Lucy Clue’s songs will transport you, take you far, and guide you through a journey of self-love into a world of strong mentality, experiencing romance, love, and some heartbreak and failure, to learn how to face the bare truth. Are you ready? And if you are, start listening to it.