Influencer by The Qwarks


With the image of an influencer “mesmerizing the viewers with the inside of their fridge” as they described it, the rocking trio The Qwarks are back with “Influencer”, the 4th single off their upcoming album “LET’S GO, LET’S GROW” that’s set to release on the 14th of December, 2022.

“Influencer” is a multi-layered song musically and emotionally, you might get the feeling that this is another fun groovy tune but, it gets a lot deeper.

Telling the story of an influencer showing his/her fans the inside of his/her fridge, it starts with a funky, groovy intro and a fun sarcastic vocal melody in the verse that reflects how absurd this “influencer” concept is has become. I loved how they managed to make it look simple while smartly arranging guitars, trumpets, piano, and jazzy drums in perfect harmony, each playing a major role and creating an unstoppable smooth progression from the start till the end. The verse takes us to a soft bridge with some dreamy vocal harmonies building up to a catchy chorus that sounds like a sick scream of what this “concept” has become. It gets more serious with some psychedelic guitars and darker-sounding trumpets before they both engage in a brilliant conversation as we approach the ending, I felt like realizing that there’s something seriously wrong with the world these days.

“Influencer” is one of those tunes that’ll get you off your feet and make you think at the same time, it has a unique irresistible groove with catchy melodies, dynamic structure, and LOTS of interesting layers. Will definitely recommend it to everyone and I suggest you do too, looking forward to more. Cheers!