Light Me Up by Micki XO

Michael MacDonald

Micki XO just released her latest single “Light Me Up”, which is her 5th single and yet her 1st this year. The Portland-based singer and songwriter decides to share her journey and struggles with others through her music, in hope of saving them and making them feel heard and that they’re not alone in their struggles and pain. Music has become much more than a passion for this artist, it’s a way of channeling her emotions, thoughts, darkness, and struggles in a much healthier way.

Music has simply become her savior; it was the only thing that pulled her from her darkness and gave her hope to rise from her ashes. Micki is brave enough to share with her audience and the world how she tried to escape her mental illness with drugs and alcohol. “Light Me Up” addresses such an important issue and describes all the feelings that accompany it through her lyrics like how you stare at the filled cup in front of you and how you feel exhausted from trying to escape your thoughts. The best part though is how the music has an upbeat nature, a sick house beat, and a catchy melody, all brought to life by Micki’s sexy, low, and subtle vocals making it the perfect song to dance to. Apart from how subtle and skilled this track is, I truly admire the artist behind it for having so much courage and passion to help others, and how she decided to overcome all that negativity and pulled herself out of it while creating something beautiful. 


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