Interlude by Davide Anniballi


Italian composer Davide Anniballi released his short contemporary impressionistic solo piano piece “Interlude” on the 15th of July. 

Interlude is a short piece inspired by classical music, specifically late romantic impressionism à la Debussy, going back to Tchaikovsky-influenced call-and-response cycles that end on tension and start on release.

Every measure of Interlude explores a new idea, some with harmonies, and others with arpeggios, pedal notes, or counterpoint. This short piece is not short on ideas and is composed in its most condensed form.

Most interesting about this piece is its use of nontraditional composition techniques, employing dissonance in different forms, including non-diatonic minor dissonances, and nonfunctional harmony. Anniballi is not afraid to go out of the ordinary in his compositions. 

Interlude is a piece that sounds cinematic and complex in emotion. It’s difficult to describe the abstract and layered feelings in impressionism, so I encourage you to experience them yourself by listening to Davide Anniballi’s Interlude with uninterrupted attention.