Kan Ye We St by Chance the Closer


Artist-producer Chance the Closer from Silverton, Oregon released the single “Kan Ye We St” on the 31st of October, and oh boy, it’s a strange one.

Chance the Closer gets his self-moniker from his time working in real estate and closing deals. Impressive. He started making music in his high school years with a video game called “MTV Music Generator 3: This Is the Remix” which was released for PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2004. Chance the Closer turned to production when he found sales and his acting career not satisfying. Chance the Closer states that he “secretly wants to be the white Kanye,” and while it’s no longer a secret now, I have to give respect to him for his ambition.

It’s hard to tell what genre Kan Ye We St by Chance the Closer fits in. It has elements from the drill, hip-hop, EDM, and even chip-tune. It moves from one idea to the next with transitions so unpredictable, they could cause whiplash. 

The production on the track is endearingly amateurish, and while it tries to be high-brow with political/social commentary, it comes across as a fun parody. Kan Ye We St steps out of the formula of commercial tracks, but it is certainly commercially inspired. 

Kan Ye We St is an enthusiastic and ambitious track by Chance the Rapper, an interesting artist with a number of tracks (65 tracks in 2022 alone) who also makes and sells NFTs on his official website, so there’s that.



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