Interview With Mykell Messiah


After his impressive numbers and incredible social presence, we’re here today with the renowned Mykell Messiah to find out more about this incredible artist’s journey, talent, work, and background. With numbers going as high as 1 million views and very high numbers on TikTok; between 100K followers, 5 million+ views, and close to 1 million likes on his videos and content.

1) We can’t help but ask about your family and up-brining, who first introduced you to music from your family? 

My mother was the first one to introduce me to music she’s a singer herself. She’s actually one of the gospel legends in the UK and also the person that talked to me and my brothers and sister about how to sing.

2) Are your siblings also in the music industry? Do you work together?

Yeah, my brothers and sister are in the music industry. My sister Eleta does gospel music, my brother Paul is literally the best vocal trainer in the world and my other brother Mark sings—we have a song together ” Let it Go”—and is a producer, he’s produced for 50 Cent, The Game, and the list goes on. They are very talented also!

3) After landing your first role on Broadway, why did you not pursue a career there and decided to focus on your music instead?

Acting is something I love to do, so I definitely want to pursue a career in acting also. Music is just something I gravitated to through an opportunity I had in New York, signing with the production company Mini Mafia which opened up the possibilities of working with a lot of great artists. So it’s just the way that things went but I definitely would love to continue acting as well as music.

4) How do you come up with your musical ideas? What inspires you?

Life inspires me. I try to be as true to my life as possible, the things I write about are things that I’ve actually gone through.

5) Who are you most influenced by?

Musically I’ve been inspired by Drake, The Weeknd, SAINt JHN, Tank, Brandy, and Frank Ocean. I think I am a combination of them all.

6) I love the context and lyrics of your latest song “Two Wrongs”, it’s not always that someone admits that they’re dating someone who isn’t right for them and acknowledges it without blaming each other, seems like a very mature approach, do you have a personal experience relating to that?

Yes, it’s something that I’ve actually been through. And the perspective I was writing from was one of someone who was trying to save somebody and I thought I was capable of doing so. That’s where the line “I was caught slipping” comes from. I realized through that situation that I can’t change anybody and sometimes you just got to let people be who they are. She was definitely wrong for me and I had the wrong perspective thinking I could change her into something she was never meant to be. If that makes sense. I realized that when you see flaws and things that you really don’t like, you need to exit that situation and not think it’s okay or that it’s just something you’ve got to work on. When people show you who they are, believe them.