Interview With Sadie Nix


The UK-based artist, Sadie Nix, is one of the most innovative artists. She started her music career at the age of 38 and bloomed during the pandemic. Let’s have a peek at her story behind making her music.

1. Tell us more about your journey and how you started making music and started developing an interest in doing music.

I grew up in a house where music was always playing and some of my earliest memories have music in the background. I was always involved in music during school and have always attended as much live music as possible. I used to write and sing when I was younger but never did anything with it until I was gifted the time over lockdown to really start getting back into it!

2. Has been in a military family influenced the way you create your music? Can you tell us more about yourself, what inspired you to create music at the age of 38, and describe your background in brief?

It really exposed me to so many different people and musical styles whether it was rap, country, or rock music, each state/region in the USA has a different style or musical genre that is prevalent, and I was exposed to so much. I think as well coming across so many different people and backgrounds really shape my songwriting.

3. Have you performed live on stage before? If yes, tell us about it and how did you feel.

Since I started doing my own music during a lockdown, I haven’t played it live yet but watch this space! However, I would like to think there have been some wicked karaoke performances over the years

4. What is the story behind your latest single, “Same Song”?

I think the story is one a lot of people can relate to really. It is about being with someone who you have given so many chances to and every time they mess up, you get the same excuses or the “same song” and you finally get sick of hearing it and moving on.

5. Tell us how you managed to get through the pandemic and develop your music skills in writing and creating music.

The pandemic was a gift really for my music, I got so much time back to create and develop my skills. The internet is an amazing thing as the ability to use Zoom allowed the ability to still collaborate and create.

6. What can you tell us about the album you’re going to release later this year “Friends will get you killed”?

The big thing is that I want it to be a proper album that tells a story and can be listened to from start to finish. I know that is not the trend at the minute but I still love to listen to albums as they were intended and I hope that my audience will enjoy that as well.

7. Tell us more about your future plans for your music project. And are you looking forward to collaborating with different artists?

The big thing for me at the minute is finishing the album and playing live. With playing live, it will be amazing to work with other musicians in that capacity and I can’t wait to work with other artists and producers on the remaining tracks of the album. You learn so much from working with other people.

8. The lyrics in your first single, “Taylor Case (that means you),” are interesting. Can you tell us the story behind it, as it feels emotional?

Like most of my songs, the lyrics are rooted in some truth in my life but then I try to create a story. I think with Taylor Case it is really about being surrounded by people who would be happy for you to stay where you are even if you are not happy or living the life you want and sometimes you need to think about what you need, even if it might hurt someone else.

9. What is your favorite quote that gets you going and inspires you to continue on your journey?

“Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History” not that I want to be badly behaved as such but I see it as pushing the boundaries and not letting people tell you, you can’t.

10. What inspires you the most when writing your lyrics?

I really try to start with personal experiences and then work through how I can make them relatable to others as we all tend to have a lot of shared experiences. So the songs are sometimes rooted in my real life but I tend to them make characters and finish telling the story that way.

11. Can you tell us more about when you went to record in the OceanWay recording studios and how you felt?

At first, I felt like a complete fraud, Carrie Underwood was in the studio I was using the week before! But they were amazing and the minute I put the headphones on, I felt so comfortable and happy like I was meant to be there. The studio is now my favorite place to be!


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