Same Song by Sadie Nix


Sadie Nix has a beautiful talent that bloomed at the age of 38 during the pandemic. She comes from the UK, releasing her latest single “Same Song” on the 27th of May, 2022, with some old vibes that are so nostalgic.

Sadie faced some creativity during the pandemic in 2020 that inspired her in a way to finish her first two singles. In addition to having her dreams come true, as she mentioned in one of her posts when BBC Sussex & Surrey picked her song to be the introducing track of the day on the “Danny Pike” show, she had dreamt of being on the radio since she was young. Well, I hope you get that voice out there because you’re going to be loved for your authentic being in the music industry.

Her storytelling in her lyrics is extraordinary in a way that gets her song popping out into the world with the experiences that she faced. “Same Song” is so fun, and energetic, and at the same time, the lyrics show a lot of strong emotions.

Sadie illustrated her abilities to write and sing when she recorded it at the Oceanville Way Recording studios. Quoting from one of her posts, “I was really worried I would feel like a fraud or didn’t belong in a place where such amazing artists had recorded.” But she mentioned that the team made her feel welcome and got her to feel comfortable, which got her to produce an amazing talent.

I am looking forward to listening to more of Sadie’s voice in her upcoming album “Friends Get You Killed,” which will be released later this year. Keep an eye out for the anthemic pop music she makes.


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