Interview with The Chordifiers


The Siliguri, Darjeeling, India-based group, The Chordifiers have come together to release a song that’s dedicated to the horrible events happening currently in Ukraine. Definitely has a noble purpose and cause. What does the band think of music that revolves around politics from a broader perspective? And what drove the band to go on this effort? A sense of shared humanity? Or a certain sense of obligation? This is an attempt from us to find out more from the band themselves.


1-What about the Russia-Ukraine conflict in particular that got it in you to write a song about, unlike all other political strifes going on currently in the world?

Well, we are least interested in World politics, which does not inspire but more interested in spreading peace and positivity around the world with our music that inspires people. The war scenario between Ukraine & Russia has led millions to flee their own homes, and even lose their loved ones. That’s unfair & cruel, in the eyes of humanity. What has one achieved, with wars? We don’t want history to repeat itself again, do we?


2-In your point of view, what’s an artist’s role when it comes to an issue such as a war or any social injustice? raising awareness? calling for peace? or else

We must say, that it depends entirely on the artist, their genres of writing their art, and their choices. For example, Michael Jackson’s heal the world has inspired billions and still does but he never composed the song based on any crisis during that time, he wrote the song to inspire hope and humanity.


3-How can an artist write a piece of music that fits a certain context or situation? To what extent do you think the composition and arrangements matter to delivering the message intended?

The inspiration for an artist can be anyone or rather anything. But we must say, the compositions and arrangements matter a lot when it comes to expressing oneself through music. It must be strong, relatable, expressive & relevant to the context, that inspired the artist.


4-What do you think about an artist or a band that does not contribute politically, and prefer to stay out of these cycles? Do you believe artistic freedom extends to this point or do you believe in an artist’s obligation to raise awareness?

Honestly speaking, we must say that there are no wrong answers or right answers when it comes to the field of creative content making, just like we can’t score a perfect 100 out of 100 in English. And overall, what context/scenario inspires an artist is solely up to the artist and his/her taste in making creative content. Yes, we do believe that every artist has the freedom of expression, and definitely, it’s their choice, as to how they might want to showcase themselves to the world. 

5-Can fans expect similar songs from the group targeted toward the ongoing political unrest in India? Are there songs already in the making or finished?

That completely depends on the sole importance of the matter(if any), and also depends on what inspires the band. However, we are working on a song that was inspired by real-life scenarios such as global warming, etc.

 6-How did ‘Cities On Fire’ come to be? Was it a group decision or more of a solo effort? And which part came first, the words or the music?

“Cities on fire” was inspired by the tragic war events between Ukraine & Russia. It was a group decision and teamwork. Well, the music came first, the guitar backbone to be precise, then the words and the other elements of music just kept on popping.

7-Can fans expect lighter releases soon? Or will the band go on a period of radio silence in commemoration and respect for the victims of this atrocious war?

Yes, definitely. Our fans and The Chordifiers family can expect new & lighter releases soon, while we would also like to pay our deepest condolence to the war victims and would like to keep them, and their dear ones in our prayers.

Thank you guys for humoring my questions.


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