Can’t Keep Choosing You by MARTH feat. Mr Weazley


Dance… Dance… Dance … The lively atmosphere takes you into a fun and simple world full of R&B influences with an electronic twist. This is “Can’t Keep Choosing You” the new solo track by Dutch artist Sascha van Loenen (MARTH) in collaboration with Mr Weazley.

Music is an essential part of van Loenen’s life, influenced by different genres of music from Beethoven to Santana. In the end, he created his project MARTH with a voice that breaks boundaries and various influences, starting his musical career at an early age and performing his singing in major festivals.

MARTH is fond of hip-hop and his sound can be described as a form of “electro-melodic”, always combining elements of hip-hop with reggae, pop, electronic band, and even funk tunes.

“Can’t Keep Choosing You” is the first track from EP U-niverse, which will be released later this year. The tracks choose and discuss specific existential concepts inspired by and discussing characters, events, or ideas from the world in which we live. This track revolves around a strong duel that we all live in between rationality and desires.

Collaborating with an artist like Mr Weazley on “Can’t Keep Choosing You” on RnB and contemporary pop beats created dynamic harmony and a rich, warm vocal performance that made the track electronica upbeat unlike the previous track “Hot Like Sun” The collaborative project with Toeknee Tee was more Fun and active.

In “Can’t Keep Choosing You” every sound comes in and goes out unexpectedly, giving us high energy that makes your feet want to move more! The music is fun and lively with a touch of humor that perfectly fits the summer spirit.

“Can’t Keep Choosing You” is a funk-packed, energy-inducing track that delivers tons of emotionally charged moments through multiple listening processes so we couldn’t turn it off.



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