Intrinsic by AkilbeatsDenver


When you label music ‘experimental’, you give it space to become anything you want it to be. akilbeatsdenver wants it to be medicine.

akilbeatsdenver is the moniker for a Commerce City, Colorado-based programmer and electronic music producer. On his debut full-length as the sole composer and arranger and producer after years of collaborative work, he has a solid concept that’s simple and effective. “Music is Medicine”, and by naming every single song after a different vitamin, Akil beats Denver hopes to spark conversations about physical as well as mental and spiritual health.

The formula is quite direct. Twenty songs of similar length and generally similar vibes, wordless, named after a Vitamin, and sets a particular mood. The general direction is toward low-tempo Jazz, with electronic drum machine beats and layers upon layers of airy, lush synths. The musical ideas are varied but the execution is cohesive, with rich and crystalline production all the way through the 1-hour runtime of the LP. With an album of this nature and length, I believe it wasn’t intended by the artist to create any specific standout moments of prodigal musical talents or outstanding performances. The pieces are entirely electronic and all futuristic and were meant, in my humble opinion, to be played as background music for spas or wellness centers. That’s of course not to deduce an ounce from the producer’s efforts and his clear-as-day ability to craft music that’s perfectly suited for that use.

Generally, for an album of this length, it flew away pretty quickly, and with considerable ease. The musical atmospheres were welcoming and comforting, and the compositions were interesting but also digestible. A very accessible listen that’s as soothing as it is expertly crafted.